Welcome to

Buffalo Creek Mills

Where we make a positive impact on our local and global communities

with our reliable oat food products!

Our Oat Products

Buffalo Creek Mills provides a number of reliable and food-safe oat products, whether it’s food products, pet food ingredients, or feed ingredients.


Our Values

We stand tall by our company values that make us who we are, the values that dictate the way we conduct ourselves and ensure we are helping our local and global communities.

Our Partners

From the farmers and producers to the buyers and the distributors, Buffalo Creek Mills partners with the right people that share our values so we can continue to provide the world with reliable oat products.

At Buffalo Creek Mills, producing top quality oat products is our number one goal.

This starts by developing good relationships with producers who supply our raw oat product. We source high-quality oats, which allow us to produce the best-finished products. Our highly skilled team takes pride in their work and tests products at frequent intervals throughout the process to ensure we are meeting the specifications of our customers.
Our stringent food safety requirements are a priority for our team. Plant cleanliness is important for us, as we understand the necessary role it plays in food production. Our strong commitment to quality is what sets us apart.


WHY BUFFALO creek mills?

Through our established partnerships with farms, producers, and buyers, Buffalo Creek Mills can create customized ready-to-eat bulk oat products that provide you with the precise quality and consistency your business needs.

Our Growers

At Buffalo Creek Mills, we strive to connect the producer to the local market while providing high quality, personable and local service. We look forward to working with you and your team.

Our Facility & Food Safety 

Nothing is more important to us than our facility following a procedure that ensures a safe product for our customers.