The Buffalo Creek Mills Story

Buffalo Creek Mills was born from the desire to make a positive impact within the community of Altona, Manitoba, serving its local producers and customers. Not only do we know the oat farmers in the area, but we have developed and fostered relationships with many local and national buyers as well.

To this day, we are in the thick of oat production. We continuously get to know all our local oat producers—the ins and outs of their processes, the exact specifications of what they need, or simply how their day is going. Today, we have extended our lines of communication to various international food producers around the world, able to ensure their specific food needs are met. With our state-of-the-art facility, we have the flexibility to customize our stabilized oats to whatever specifications they may need.

Behind all the oat products that sit on the shelves of your local grocery, there are the people that made it all possible. That’s why when you work with Buffalo Creek Mills, you’re more than just a customer; you’re our partner. We serve you in whatever way we can. Buffalo Creek Mills prides itself on being able to deliver customized yet consistent oats, and as part of our process, we make sure to establish a working partnership with you.

These collaborative relationships have been the focus of Buffalo Creek Mills since the beginning and continue to define how we do business.


From day one Buffalo Creek has held these four core values. The food we make is good and we take no shortcuts in doing so along the way. We’re proud of what we believe in.


Life is better with friends

Every workday is an opportunity to build a positive relationship that is treasured and long-lasting, which is why we partner with the people we do.


Our food is good food

The only food we make is the food we’d be proud to serve to our friends.


Hands are made for helping

We enjoy working hard together, but more importantly, we enjoy working for each other.


Community is important

We are part of a community that cares for each other, that works together to build a brighter tomorrow.

Ryan Meade

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Ryan oversees daily operations and strategic goals, leveraging over 25 years of experience in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing to support the company's growth. He guides the leadership team, implements the organization's vision, and sets goals for Buffalo Creek Mills' continued success and growth.

Sam Winkler

Corporate Controller

As our Corporate Controller, Sam oversees the company's financial health, ensures compliance with accounting principles and regulations, identifies internal controls, manages budgeting and forecasting, analyzes financial data, and provides strategic insights. He also handles daily economic activities, accounts payable, and receivable, playing a vital role in optimizing financial performance.

Mike Friesen

Quality Assurance Manager

As Quality Assurance Manager, Mike ensures the company's adherence to Food Safety practices and certifications. He oversees quality control processes, develops and implements systems, conducts audits, and addresses regulatory compliance. Mike also monitors product quality and handles customer complaints and issues.

Juan Arriola Lopez

Director Of Operations

With over 25 years of experience in industrial food manufacturing, Juan oversees all aspects of the company's manufacturing operations, including multiple departments such as manufacturing, packaging, maintenance, and production scheduling. He drives day-to-day operations, strategic planning, growth opportunities, and continuous improvement initiatives, ensuring smooth operations and fostering the company's growth.

Tyson Fehr

Sales & Purchasing Manager

As Sales & Purchasing Manager, Tyson plays a pivotal role in the organization, fostering successful partnerships with customers and producers. He develops sales strategies, identifies opportunities, and ensures smooth product deliveries and procurement. Focused on customer satisfaction, Tyson delivers high-quality products from sourcing to end-users.

Meaghan Fehr

Human Resources & Office Manager

Meaghan, as HR & Office Manager, fosters a positive and productive work environment. She oversees onboarding, employee relations, and performance management to maintain inclusivity. Her role also extends to managing IT, developing marketing initiatives, and overseeing administrative activities with her comprehensive understanding of the company's operations.

Ron Opocensky

Oat Purchaser

As the Oat Purchaser, Ron brings over 25 years of grain buying experience, industry knowledge, and strong producer relationships. He handles raw oat procurement, byproduct sales, and truck scheduling, playing a crucial role in maintaining a high-quality and reliable oat supply for our operations.