About BCM

The Buffalo Creek Mills Story

Buffalo Creek Mills was born from the desire to make a positive impact within the community of Altona, Manitoba, serving its local producers and customers. Not only do we know the oat farmers in the area, but we have developed and fostered relationships with many local and national buyers as well.

To this day, we are in the thick of oat production. We continuously get to know all our local oat producers—the ins and outs of their processes, the exact specifications of what they need, or simply how their day is going.

Today, we have extended our lines of communication to various international food producers around the world, able to ensure their specific food needs are met. With our state-of-the-art facility, we have the flexibility to customize our stabilized oats to whatever specifications they may need.

Behind all the oat products that sit on the shelves of your local grocery, there are the people that made it all possible. That’s why when you work with Buffalo Creek Mills, you’re more than just a customer; you’re our partner. We serve you in whatever way we can. Buffalo Creek Mills prides itself on being able to deliver customized yet consistent oats, and as part of our process, we make sure to establish a working partnership with you.

These collaborative relationships have been the focus of Buffalo Creek Mills since the beginning and continue to define how we do business.


At our core, Buffalo Creek Mills holds to our ideals of how a business should operate. When it comes to making a difference in the world, we take no shortcuts. Rather, we work hard to uphold that which we believe in:


Life is better with friends

Every workday is an opportunity to build a positive relationship that is treasured and long-lasting, which is why we partner with the people we do.


Our food is good food

The only food we make is the food we’d be proud to serve to our friends.


Hands are made for helping

We enjoy working hard together, but more importantly, we enjoy working for each other.


Community is important

We are part of a community that cares for each other, that works together to build a brighter tomorrow.


Ryan Penner


Ryan is the CEO, shareholder, and leader of Buffalo Creek Mills (BCM) since its inception and is responsible for the overall function and growth of the organization. Though he is a professional civil engineer (retired) by trade, his entrepreneurial side had him pursue the family business of agribusiness.

While Ryan has spent almost two decades as an engineer, he formed BCM out of a desire to make a positive impact within the community of Altona, Manitoba. Additionally, Ryan is a board member for the Town of Altona local economic development group (SEED).

Meaghan Fehr

Executive Coordinator

Meaghan is the Executive Coordinator at Buffalo Creek Mills, where she manages and is responsible for all Human Resource affairs. She is accountable for supporting Ryan in daily activities and coordinating corporate initiatives and improvements.

With a well-rounded knowledge of the industry, Meaghan’s position allows her to apply her skills to various activities and tasks within the company. She has worked at Buffalo Creek Mills for more than five years and has previous experience in roles within the banking and agriculture industries. Meaghan is the primary contact when Buffalo Creek Mill’s CEO is absent. Feel free to contact her at any time for employment inquiries or opportunities.

Phone: (204) 325-3934 | Send Grant an Email

Grant Fehr

Director of Sales and Purchasing

Since 1998, Grant has been a primary shareholder in the pulse and food ingredient industry. Here he has gained a wealth of experience and formed many positive and long-lasting relationships.

Grant has been involved in agriculture production and marketing for more than 35 years. It has been his life’s passion. He has 23 years of experience in grain trading, the manufacturing industry, and as a senior leadership team manager.

He has also been an active member of many organizations and boards, including the National Sunflower Association of Canada, the Flax Council of Canada, and as a director at his local co-op.


Erika Teichroeb

Customer Support & Logistics Coordinator

Erika is at the heart of Buffalo Creek Mills, as she has her hands on many of our initiatives. She is responsible for analyzing and coordinating the Buffalo Creek Mills’ supply chain to move products from the supplier to the customer. Erika helps customers with day-to-day activities and upcoming scheduling. She ensures BCM is accountable for all logistical matters for outgoing shipments, including customs documentation and brokerage dealings.

Erika’s previous experience includes working in the agriculture industry as a grain merchandiser, a grain grading technician, and coordinating logistics. Having a background in the customer service industry, Erika can assist you with any customer or shipping questions- willing to go the extra mile to solve any problem.

Phone: (204) 324-7274 | Send Ron an Email

Ron Opocensky

Oat Purchaser

Ron has been an oat buyer at Buffalo Creek Mills for four years, but he has more than 26 years of experience as a grain buyer. He received his agriculture diploma from the University of Manitoba. Since that time, he has accrued a professional background in commodity purchasing, sales, and agriculture.

Ron grew up on a farm, of which he became the owner and manager. His day-to-day tasks at Buffalo Creek Mills include buying, scheduling, and by-product sales.


Sam Winkler

Corporate Controller

Sam is a new face at Buffalo Creek Mills and is responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the business, including the day-to-day accounting tasks, payroll, financial reporting and providing analysis to management.

Sam has over seven years of accounting experience. During this time he oversaw finances in a private company and most recently in local government. Sam received his Diploma in Business and Administration through Red River College, followed by an Advanced Certificate in Accounting & Finance through the Chartered Professional Accountants Administration!


Glenn Hollman

Production Manager

Glenn has been Buffalo Creek Mills Production Manager since the Sepetmeber of 2021. Glenn upholds the responsibility of making sure all of our production and milling is running smoothly and up to spec. You can also find Glenn looking after needs relating to the shipping & receiving, packaging, warehouse and sanitation departments!

Glenn has over 30 years of experience in food production in fields such as plant based proteins, flour, dairy, wine and other oat production. Aside from this, Glenn also upholds 25 years of experience in lean manufacturing and continous improvement.