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  • Groat Chips

    Groat Chips

  • Oat Hulls

    Oat Hulls

Oat Groats

Buffalo Creek Mills specializes in the production of consistent quality oat groats. Our non-stabilized oat groats are used in human edible, pet food, bird feed and livestock markets. Please call to determine whether our premium groats, standard groats or feed groats would best suit your needs.

Feed Oats

Our feed oats are a value product that is favoured locally as a source of livestock feed. It is primarily comprised of the thin oats that are not used as part of groat production. The characteristics of the product are variable but have averaged with weights around 40 lbs/bu.

Cleaned Whole Oats

Our whole oats are triple cleaned with multiple points of aspirations for removing dust. These oats are targeted for our international customers as a source of feed for their horses and also as a product for their individual milling operations.

Groat Chips

Our groat chips are created as part of the milling process and have the same nutritional properties as our Oat Groats. This is a great value product that is used by many customers in the feed industry as part of their rations.

Oat Hulls

Oat Hulls are utilized in the manufacture of feed rations, as bedding for livestock, are a great source of energy when combined with a furnace, and are an excellent absorbent material.


Shipping Services:

Buffalo Creek Mills offers logistics for our customers and can ship the product any way the end customers require.  We strive to coordinate the lowest cost and convenient shipping method for our customer at the time they require. We arrange shipping by rail, truck, or intermodal containers to your destination simply and efficiently. If your unique operation requires a specific shipping method, contact BCM to work with you to meet your logistical needs.


Buffalo Creek Mills is able to provide our products in bulk, totes, or bags. Please let us know what works best for your operation.

Food Safe Facility

At Buffalo Creek Mills, it is important to us that our facility follows a procedure that insures a safe product for our customers. This has been the focus of our operation since the beginning and is part of the culture that we are continually growing. We have developed a set of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) documents that guide us on a daily basis. Buffalo Creek Mills is always looking for new opportunities and would love to discuss servicing your oat product needs in the near future.