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If you value teamwork and partnership, there may be an
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Buffalo Creek Mills was born from the desire to make a positive impact within the community of Altona while serving our producers and customers. Buffalo Creek Mills is a growing oat processing facility looking to expand our team. We value individuals with energy that strive to create a positive workplace and long-term relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Our employees succeed at BCM because they believe in quality, working hard, authenticity, being trustworthy, being considerate yet driven, a willingness to learn, and doing good for our local and world communities. If this speaks to you and the values you hold, a career at Buffalo Creek Mills might be what you’re looking for.



5 Park Ave, R.M. of
Rhineland Industrial Park
Altona, MB Canada
R0G 0B0

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Current Positions Available 

Packaging Shift Lead

The Packaging Shift Lead is responsible for the overall productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of packaging operations and procedures during the shift. This role must ensure these objectives are met by monitoring the overall performance of the equipment and the quality of the product. Additionally, this role must perform maintenance and troubleshoot the equipment, as well as monitor the productivity of the Packaging Operator.

Stabilization Operator

The responsibility of the Stabilization Operator is to ensure the continuous operation of the stabilization equipment. This role will complete a variety of tasks assigned by the Production Shift Operator. This includes the operation, monitoring, and testing of the stabilization equipment. In addition to this, the Stabilization Operator is responsible for documentation, minor maintenance, and housekeeping required to meet production objectives. 

Sanitation Assistant- Term

The primary purpose of the Sanitation Assistant is to assist in cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing the milling areas in order to meet food safety standards. You will be responsible for performing cleaning tasks throughout the operations areas such as sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting, as well as other tasks.


Senior Plant Mechanic

A Senior Plant Mechanic is responsible for performing maintenance duties to ensure that all plant equipment and buildings are functioning properly. As part of this position, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining, improving, and repairing equipment, plant, services, and building installations in compliance with best practices to ensure production efficiency is achieved.


Consumer Products Account Manager

The general purpose of this position is to seek, develop, and maintain relationships with customers in order to finalize sales. This position requires engaging with new and existing customers in order to grow long-standing positive relationships. The Sales Representative will ensure an excellent customer experience, manage customer accounts, and participate in regular meetings to analyze and review sales data.  



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