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If you value teamwork and partnership, there may be an
opportunity for you at BUFFALO CREEK MILLS.

Buffalo Creek Mills was born from the desire to make a positive impact within the community of Altona while serving our producers and customers. Buffalo Creek Mills is a growing oat processing facility looking to expand our team. We value individuals with energy that strive to create a positive workplace and long-term relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Our employees succeed at BCM because they believe in quality, working hard, authenticity, being trustworthy, being considerate yet driven, a willingness to learn, and doing good for our local and world communities. If this speaks to you and the values you hold, a career at Buffalo Creek Mills might be what you’re looking for.



5 Park Ave, R.M. of
Rhineland Industrial Park
Altona, MB Canada
R0G 0B0

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Box 128
Altona, MB Canada
R0G 0B0

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(204) 324-0214

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Current Positions Available 

Entry Level Production Positions

This position is part of a team that works hands on to support the safe and efficient operation of an oat processing plant that serves the human edible, pet food, and bird food markets. The core responsibility of these positions is to assist in the continuous operation of the Oat Mill and Pellet Mill.

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