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Buffalo Creek Mills was born from the desire to make a positive impact within our local community while serving our producers and customers. Buffalo Creek Mills is a growing oat manufacturing facility, we value individuals with energy that strive to create a positive workplace and long-term relationships with all of our partners.

Our employees succeed at Buffalo Creek Mills because they believe in the quality of their work and strive to uphold our company values. We appreciate our employees’ desire to learn and grow as a team.

If this speaks to you and the values you hold, a career at Buffalo Creek Mills is right for you!

Buffalo Creek Mills was founded to create a positive impact locally, serving our producers and customers. We value energetic individuals who foster a positive workplace and lasting partnerships.

At Buffalo Creek Mills, our employees flourish by embracing quality work, embodying our values, and continuously learning and growing as a team.

If this speaks to you and the values you hold, a career at Buffalo Creek Mills is right for you!

Current Positions

Production Shift Lead

The Production Shift Lead is responsible for the overall productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of the production operations and procedures during the shift. This role must ensure that these goals are met by monitoring the overall performance of the equipment in the Oat Mill, Pellet Mill, and Stabilization equipment. Additionally, this role must ensure that the quality of the product meets the work order requirements and must troubleshoot or perform maintenance of all milling and stabilization equipment. This role will also lead and monitor the productivity of the Stabilization Operator and Mill Operator.

Director of Sales & Purchasing

The job purpose of the Director of Sales & Purchasing is to strategically lead and oversee the sales and purchasing functions within the organization. The role involves developing and implementing effective sales strategies to drive revenue growth and managing purchasing activities to ensure the procurement of product aligns with the organization’s goals. The Director of Sales & Purchasing is responsible for fostering strong relationships with clients, negotiating contracts, optimizing purchasing processes, and collaborating with internal teams to achieve overall business objectives. Additionally, the role involves analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities for growth, and ensuring a balance between sales targets and cost-effective procurement practices.

Machine Operator

The responsibility of the Mill Operator is to ensure the continuous operation of the Oat Mill and Pellet Mill. This role will complete a variety of milling tasks including operation, monitoring, testing, documentation, minor maintenance, and housekeeping tasks required to meet production objectives.

Warehouse Operator

The primary responsibility of the Warehouse Operator is to maintain the organization of the warehouse products and packaging materials.

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