At Buffalo Creek Mills, we prioritize both the safety and quality of our products by adhering to strict procedures within our facility. Our commitment to food safety is demonstrated by our third-party certification from BRCGS, which also includes our gluten-free certification. Additionally, we are organic certified by CSI, Kosher certified, and NSF compliance certified. Furthermore, our stabilization processes involve a five-log validation during the kill step, ensuring a safe product. We are dedicated to the quality of our products!

Our Quality Method

Our facility subjects our oats to multiple testing methods throughout their journey. The raw oats are assessed and weighed before entering the milling process to guarantee that they meet our quality standards and specifications. Following this, the oats are cleaned and de-hulled. During the milling process, we conduct consistent tests to ensure the quality is maintained and the product is segregated to specific specifications based on the results. Through the stabilization process, the oats are tested at particular intervals to ensure the product meets the customers’ needs. Finally, the product is packaged and a final Certificate of Analysis is produced. The product is traced from start to finish guaranteeing its safety and full traceability.