Behind the oat products that sit on the shelves of your local grocery store are the people who made it all possible. Starting from the moment a farmer plants an oat seed in the ground, to the point where it reaches your table, every stage of the process holds immense value. Buffalo Creek Mills goes beyond being a mere ingredient supplier for you and your company; we are an engaged partner that operates with dependable and consistent standards, aiming to alleviate any strain along the way.

We stand by our partners, offering support and building relationships throughout the process. We hold a commitment to the products we distribute and appreciate every step involved in the journey to the final product. At Buffalo Creek Mills, we view each day as an opportunity to forge positive and lasting relationships, where we collaborate toward a brighter future characterized by quality food for everyone to enjoy.

OUR Customers

At Buffalo Creek Mills, our mission is to provide you with the products you need. As a B2B oat manufacturer, we have the capability to deliver the ingredients your food manufacturing business requires. We take great pride in offering a wide range of diverse products. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can collaborate!


At Buffalo Creek Mills, we are dedicated to connecting the farm to your dinner table. We care about you and your product. To us, you’re more than a producer; you’re our valued partner. We work to grow relationships with you and your team while providing and working toward mutually beneficial success. Contact Us to learn about our current pricing!

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